John Lloyd, John Mitchinson and James Harkin (Faber) 2015, 331pp, RRP $22.99

Yet another compendium of amazingly amazing facts (coming after previous tomes that have 1234 QI Facts To Leave You Speechless - The Clotheslinepromised to knock our socks off, knock us sideways and make our jaws drop), this enjoyable tie-in with the endlessly-repeated BBC/ABC TV series is nice Silly Season fun, although surely these books’ days are numbered now that beloved host Stephen Fry has officially left QI and, despite what everyone says, the show is doomed.

Sometimes grouped in lots of two or three upon specific themes, or offering bizarre comparisons and contrasts, or featuring lovely licks of humour (of course), this poses you with just-about-indubitable facts aplenty. Did you know that astronauts’ eyes get flatter in space? Or that novercaphobia is the fear of stepmothers? Or that a working title for Toy Story was Toyz In The Hood? Or that condors sometimes eat so much that they can’t take off? Or that Kit-Kats in sweet-potato flavour are available in Japan? Or that Napoleon had a pet wombat, most ducks don’t quack, penguins can’t taste fish, catfish hunt pigeons, owls sunbathe and dolphins can’t sneeze?

Well, now you do. 10 points!

Dave Bradley

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