by Sian Williams.

Kialea-Nadine Williams is a long way from home sharing her passion, skill and love of all things dance with those in her current chosen home, here in Adelaide. She speaks here with The Clothesline about her solo work – A Dying Swan.

As a dancer, what is it like to perform solo? I mean, the entire production of your upcoming show is a solo work- is it terrifying? Liberating?

“You know, this is only the third solo work I have ever done and it is truly, an amazing thing to be able to do. Not only is it very liberating in being given the opportunity to make this part exactly how I want, and not need to rely on others to help me convey my message, but it is really an extension of me. I bring so much to this show- so much passion and private thoughts, personal moments from my life. It makes me bot vulnerable as well as powerful.”

Can you tell us a little about the actual concept of the show- what is the Dying Swan? Or should I ask, who is the dying swan?

“A Dying Swan is loosely based on the concept of the swan in the final scene of Swan Lake. Naturally I don’t want to give too much away, I need to leave the mystery for the audience to experience! But the performance explores beautiful concepts of loneliness, death, love and pain. We studied swans, actual swans. Did you know they mate for life? We looked at the feeling behind what happens when one is left alone and a love is lost. We use pop cultural music to explore the different feelings behind the story, I really relish the opportunity to perform this piece; I can put so much of myself into the role.”

Tell us about your new role as Education Manager for Leigh Warren Dance?

“It is such a privilege to be in this position, I am absolutely relishing every moment and the exciting change that is occurring in the culture of the dance environment to make the learning process really more about community. For example we held a very busy holiday program this last summer holidays to ensure dancers were able to continue through the break and not lose momentum nor fitness. We had hundreds of students of all ages apply and come, and it was thrilling to be a part of. For me it has been interesting, since I left the UK I really wanted to branch out and test myself, which I really believe I am succeeding at. I love the choreography and teaching I am more focussed now on.”

And your relationship with choreographer and director Daniel Jaber? It is long reaching and powerful; it must be amazing to be involved in this with him.

“Daniel and I have worked together for such a long time. It is wonderful to have a working relationship with someone who knows you as well on a professional level. He has created and written this piece, this character. It is an absolute honour to be asked to perform it.”

Kialea-Nadine Williams performs Daniel Jaber’s A Dying Swan at Leigh Warren Dance Studio, 1st Floor Lion Arts Centre, until Sat 18 Jul.

Bookings at Click HERE to purchase your tickets.

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