by Adrian Miller

Gold Coast company Glitter Martini is heading to Adelaide Fringe for the first time, bringing Absolute Trash to The Bunker at Fool’s Paradise. Expect high flying aerials, jaw-dropping contortion, and plenty of mischief from the Queen of Trash and her sidekick, the iconic bin chicken in this trashy circus show. The Clothesline contacted Creative Director Darcie Rae to find out more.

There is a lot of circus at the Adelaide Fringe, so you need an extra eye-catching theme to attract attention. Why did you choose trash?
“I wanted to make an unserious show about a serious topic, something touches on environmental issues while being fun, engaging and entertaining. Plus, even an independent artist can afford costumes made of trash!”

Absolute Trash has been described as ‘hilarious, sexy, pun-tastic, and surprisingly classy for a show about waste.’ So there are jokes as well as dazzling costumes?
“The garbage bin is fertile ground for silliness. We have a bin chicken with big dreams, the Queen of Trash Natrasha Binit, and a surprising amount of pick-up lines.”

Has your company Glitter Martini brought shows to the Adelaide Fringe previously?
“While we have performed this show in multiple festivals in Queensland, this is our first time interstate. We can’t wait to show Adelaide the joy of Absolute Trash!”

The audience gets to shape the show a little each night by texting the performers?”
We have a Trash Textline for the audience to text in a reason THEY are trash. Everyone’s trashy confessions remain anonymous, but they will be…looked over by our Queen of Trash during the show. What trashy behaviours have you indulged in recently?”

How long did it take to put the show together?
“We performed the first season of this show in 2021 after a creative development funded by City of Gold Coast, and have been improving each season since so we can present the most premium trash yet for our run at Adelaide Fringe.”

Do you run the risk by calling your show Absolute Trash that people will take this to be a two word review?
“While we do believe in truth in advertising, based on our reviews so far it’s only a matter of time before we hear from the ACCC for misleading conduct for calling our show trash.”

What do you think people will enjoy most about Absolute Trash?
“I think it’s a good mixture of skilled circus acts that are captivating and beautiful, alongside the kind of joyful weirdness that people love in a fringe show. Everyone will have their own favourite act, and there’s a lot of variety in what’s on stage.”

Is there anything you wish to add to encourage people to come along to see Absolute Trash?”
There are lots of works of performance that require you as an audience member to seriously consider the deep messages within and this is not one of those shows. Come along and have a bloody good time at Absolute Trash!

Absolute Trash plays at Fool’s Paradise – The Bunker, at various times, from Tue 27 Feb until Sun 3 Mar.
Bookings available at Click HERE to purchase your tickets.


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