by Ian Bell

In 2021, Darwin comedian Amy Hetherington did an Adelaide Fringe show about trying to become a mother. One year later, Amy’s dream has manifested itself as a bouncing baby girl (welcome little Ruby) and a brand new comedy show about the adventure of being a new mum.

Amy Hetherington is a terrific talent and The Clothesline Magazine 2021 review read: One of the great joys of Adelaide Fringe is seeing a comedian who you know, without a shadow of a doubt, is on the cusp of becoming a big deal’. A natural presence, fantastic material beautifully delivered and I’ve been very much looking forward to her Fringe return. The delightful Amy is on the phone from Darwin where she has been doing her show in the Perth Fringe. Sound confusing? – read on!

It looks like your show last year has manifested in the real world, maybe the affirming nature of your comedy means you should consider doing this year’s show about the amusing way you became an instant billionaire?

“MAYBE!” Amy begins. “Maybe I should be doing a show about the way to end a global pandemic!”

How is life as a mum?

“It’s really good. Ruby is five months old now and that’s a good age; her personality is developing – which is both exhausting and the best.”

You seemed to be back in the comedy saddle pretty quickly. How long after Ruby arrived were you back on stage?

“Five weeks!” Amy says. “She comes on tour with me and sometimes she even comes on stage with me. The show description has a breast-feeding warning because if I am in the middle of a show and she needs feeding, that is what’s happening. She is super comfortable and doesn’t seem disturbed by the audience and applause.”

Babies can often be overwhelmed by sights, sounds, smells and movement, so it’s great that she is so chill. When did you start doing comedy? I know you did Raw in 2015.

“Oh! I was so little when I did that. I was really new, so I guess that means six or seven years. I love performing and I’m learning all the time.”

Is there much of a comedy scene in Darwin?

“Well…it’s small,” laughs Amy. ‘I love Darwin and the audiences up here are fantastic, but there is not much stage time in Darwin for comedians. There’s a few shows monthly, and it’s certainly growing, but if you want stage time you’ve got to tour. I knew comedy was what I wanted to do and knew I wanted to keep trying material and that’s not going to work if you only get five minutes every few weeks. But I’ll tour anywhere they’ll have me. This will be my sixth Adelaide Fringe.”

Crying Over Spilt Milk is a show about being a new Mum; what would you like people to know?
“Well, it doesn’t pull any punches. I love being a Mum, but some bits are hard and I am not shy in talking about all the embarrassing and confronting parts of it.”

Why I became a parent I found myself having weird conversations with people I have known for decades that I never thought I’d have; conversations about sleep cycles, cracked nipples and baby poo.

“Exactly,” Amy agrees. “I’ve taken all that awkward stuff and turned it into this show. There is ‘a lot’ of nipple talk [laughs].”

So you are in Darwin but currently doing your show in Western Australia as part of the Perth Festival – how does that work?

“Well, when the WA border slammed shut again a lot of shows were getting cancelled and we looked at that,” Amy says. “But the shows had sold well, and the venue owners were really keen to try and make it happen. So, we set up a live two-way video link; I am on a life-sized screen on the stage, and I have a camera on the audience – with sound. I can hear the laughs and heckles, and I chat with people in the audience just like a regular show.

“We had no idea how it would go, or even if it would work, but it’s been brilliant! We’ve had a lot of new Mums come along and bring their little ones too.”

Amy assures us there are no ‘virtual’ shows for Adelaide.

“I will be there in person,” she says. “I’m on my way!”

Amy Hetherington – Crying Over Spilt Milk performs at The Drama Llama at Rhino Room from 7.30pm on Fri 18 Feb until Sat 26 Feb, plus two ‘New Mum’-friendly matinee shows at The Howling Owl from 2:30pm on Sat 19 Feb & Sat 26 Feb.

Book at FringeTIX on 1300 621 255 and adelaidefringe.com.au. Click HERE to purchase your tickets.

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