Irreverent, Overt and always funny! Bev Killick shows all of her 15 years’ experience as a stand up in her hilarious new show Killick Bev.

We sent the bold and brassy comedian some questions. These are her answers.

Your first comedy gig; when and where and how did it go?

“It was at The Star and Garter Hotel. I was supposed to do five minutes. Dave Grant was the MC and was a stickler for time. I looked over at him at around the 10 minute mark and he just told me keep going. I did 17 minutes. I have the gig on BHS but I’ve never had the courage to watch it. Maybe when I hit the 20 year mark?”

What drew you into performing comedy?

“I was working in bars and restaurants and getting good tips for cracking jokes and yarns. After the fifth time watching the entertainment at different venues while I was walking around with a tray of drinks I felt the odd urge to jump the fence. I haven’t had any other type of job other than entertainment in 15 years.”

Favourite comedian?

“Joan Rivers”

Comedian you would most like to be?

“Mick Meredith, but without the beers.”

Comedy duo or trio; who would be your partner/s in crime?

“The Penis in Puppetry Of The Penis.”

Favourite joke you knew as a kid?

“Why does poo taper off the end? So your bum doesn’t slam shut.”

Most famous person’s number you have in your phone?

“Debra Byrne.”

Favourite movie line?

“Luke. I am your father.”

Best gig, worst gig and why?

“Pacific Jewel Sit Down Comedy Club this Jan, the Captain told all his staff to go and his family and The Cruise Director and his family. It was a riot. I did two encores. Worst gig- I was about to start my spot at a rec hall at a TAFE in Werribee and an announcement came on telling students there were free donuts. They all stood up and went to the table. I just backed away from the mike and left, ripping the poster off the wall as I went. The bill was. Bev Killick + Free Donuts.”

Favourite imaginary friend as a kid?

“A clown.”

Job you currently perform in your alternative life when not performing comedy?

“Voice Over, Actor, Writer.”

Your porn star name [first pet/first street]?

“Yogi Wentworth.”

What is your hidden talent?

“Grabbed by the Ghoulies ( X Box Zgame) I played it so hard and for so long one time I got blisters on my thumbs and I left a hair dye in for so long my hair went like rubber bands and I had to have a number one buzz cut

Tell us something that people don’t yet know about you.

“Champion Gymnast in my early teens.”

Favourite childhood memory?

“Carefree dressed like a Bollywood star with my dog Yogi pulling me along on his lead on rollerskates with my galah on my shoulder singing at the top of my lungs through the streets of Townsville.”

Celebrity meet that left you star-struck?

“Michael Jackson out the front of The Hyatt. I cried so hard and shook so hard I nearly vomited.”

Pet hate?

“People who owe you money and avoid you thereafter.”

Secret crush?

“Englebert Humperdinck “

Time travel; where would you most love to go and why?

The Renaissance period in Italy and play the buxom lead operatic roles in theatres.

How do you deal with annoying people who insist you tell them a joke once they discover you are a comedian?

“Sorry, I’m late for a meeting write it down and send it to me. They never do.”

What’s something from your childhood that you still love and have today?

“Little Bo Peep in a brick house night light.”

Best or worst advice you were ever given?

“You should be a comedian. Worst – You should be a chef.”

Best or worst advice you ever gave?

“Best – to suggest for my son that he leave high school.”

A missed opportunity that you would give anything to go back and try?

“To get in to NIDA.”

Which comedian would you 1. Snog? 2. Marry? 3.Avoid?

1/ Monty Franklin 2/ Harley Breen 3/ N/A”

Has anyone literally wet themselves laughing at one of your shows?

“Yes many times and they always show and tell.”

What’s the best chat-up line you’ve ever heard/used?

“Mine – I don’t have a spare bed but you can sleep on my pelvic floor if you like.”

Favourite or worse heckle you’ve ever had?

“Show us your tats at a Tattoo Convention.”

If you were a flavour of ice cream, what would you be and why?

“Rainbow in homage to my LGBT friends.”

Bev Killick performs Killick Bev at Gluttony’s The Piglet from 10.10pm until Sun Mar 15.

Book at FringeTIX on 1300 261 255 or  Click HERE to purchase your tickets.

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