Get ready for a madcap safari through extravagant birdbath boylesque, too-close-for-comfort yo-yo tricks, valiant aerial acrobatics, irreverent interludes, ferocious fanfares and show-stopping drag artistes

Briefs: The Second Coming is coming to Adelaide.

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Being presented by the Royal Croquet Club in association with Briefs Factory this is an all male, sharp-shooting cabaret of burlesque with balls, high flying circus bandits and savage gender offenders featuring:

Fez Fa’anana – the bearded lady and ringmaster

Mark ‘Captain Kidd’ Winmill – Australia’s leading boylesque international brat boy and Las Vegas King of Burlesque 2011;

Dallas Dellaforce – Performance artist, costume designer and queen of the crazy Briefs castle;

Evil Hate Monkey – New York City’s sexiest, award-winning acrobatic legend crowned Las Vegas king of burlesque in 2010;

Louis Biggs – with a panache for rubick’s cubes, this acrobat and cabaret performer is the youngest kid on the Briefs block;

Thomas Worrell – an Australian rising circus artist specialising in Aerial Hoop, Contortion and Hand-Balancing;

Lachy Shelly – rigger, acrobat and better known as Lucky Charm.

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The Briefs Factory is an Australian creative collective who manufacture, cultivate and present evocative physical performance.

The company pays homage to the traditions of circus, the extremities of physical theatre, the artistry of drag, the guts of burlesque, the imagery of theatre, the debauchery of speakeasies and the showmanship of cabaret.

The collective has been touring to great acclaim nationally and internationally since 2010.

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Sold out in London, Berlin and Edinburgh

14 shows only opening Saturday 28 February in the Menagerie.

Don’t miss out!

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Both fabulously sexy and seriously clever. Timeout (London)

Masters of the art of boylesque. Freakish, funny and beautiful. The Scotsman

A sickeningly delicious, beautifully executed feast for the senses. So So Gay (London)

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