by Catherine Blanch.

Cameron Bayliss is a regular guy from Narangba in Queensland… who just happens to spend his days living the life of a psychic medium, offering messages and spiritual guidance from loved ones who have passed on. Although there are many charlatans highlighted in mainstream media who have deceived the unsuspecting, not to mention the many who believe that there is no life after death, there are also those who have proven themselves to not only have a genuine ability to speak with spirits but also the good intent to share this gift with as many people as possible – which includes the use of social media to create a broader awareness.

Like many psychic mediums before him, such as Lisa Williams and John Edward, Bayliss is making his way to town as part of a national tour. As this will be his first time to Adelaide, we begin by asking him to tell us about his event, Conversations With Cameron.

“It’s a two-hour show filled of conversations, connection and communications,” he says. “This event is a unique blend of a number of shows that my best friend Lindel, another friend and I put together; devising the whole program between us. It consists of a Q&A session, audience member readings and a whole pile of fun moments; when I do a Conversation With Cameron my inner joker always comes out – which can be hilarious.

Conversations is a fun, informative and heart-warming gathering with audience members receiving messages from loved ones. There are demonstrations on how energy works on a psychic and metaphysical level and we teach people how to smudge themselves to clear energy. It’s just a wonderful event that I am so proud to be bringing to Adelaide; people have been asking me to come there for a very long time, so their wish is my command!”

Being on stage, you must get bombarded by people wanting to come through and give messages to family and friends. And what about being in a full room of people who are pleading inside their heads ‘Please choose me, please choose me’?

“I actually don’t like to stand on stage,” Bayliss says. “I believe that by getting in among the audience I am able to connect directly with a person’s loved ones and to everyone else as well. I put no barriers between me and them. When I am communicating with the other side I always go with who is the loudest; if they want to be heard they are going to be heard. Often you get several come in at once and I’m used to that but often I have to say ‘Thanks for coming in but you’re going to have to wait your turn. Most times they are polite and they will wait their turn and other times you know they will pull on my clothes or start to antagonise me a little bit [laughs].

“One event we did had white roses decorating the room,” he recalls. “I picked one of them up and walked up to one lady and told her it was from her mum. She burst into tears and told me it was her mum’s favourite flower and that they had placed a single white rose on her coffin because that is what she wanted. I then started singing a song which turned out to be her mum’s favourite song. It is things like that – you just can’t buy that sort of connection and it is such a special gift that I can give to people. That is why this is a really special event for me, because I get to communicate with loved ones and pass on messages.”

When did you realise you had psychic ability?

“I’ve had this gift for a very long time but I kind of kept it to myself; I learned quickly not to tell people about it or use it,” Bayliss says. “It was while working at a petrol station that my partner and I managed that I would read for people when they came in for their petrol. I’d say something like ‘Pump Number Two and, by the way, your mum thanks you for wearing the pearls, will there be anything else?’

“I fast became a popular service station attendant,” he laughs. “People used to come in and get petrol and have a reading. I met Lindel that way and we have been best friends ever since. I was thinking ‘You know what, I can do this I just have to have a little faith’. So one day I went home from work and I just said to myself I wasn’t going back. I am going to do readings full time and the universe will provide for me, and I’ve been doing OK ever since.”

Your Facebook page has over 31,000 followers. What made you decide to use social media as part of your psychic network?

“I guess I felt it was right for me,” Bayliss replies. “I created my personal and business profile at the same time, to find like-minded people so I knew I wasn’t doing this alone. I had faith in what I was doing but just needed extra help and support from people which happened quite quickly which was wonderful. Facebook accounts for 40-50% of my business, the rest are referrals. I like Facebook because it is a safe way I can reach a wide audience.

“My Facebook page is much more about learning, laughter, love, healing, community and comfort,” he explains. “It’s not ego driven, it’s about helping people as much as I can. One of the other reasons I started the page was to give back as much as I receive. For every paid reading I do at least two free. I always try to do as much as I can and Facebook provides me with the opportunity to reach as many people as I can.”

Positive versus negative feedback – how do you deal with the negative comments posted on Facebook?

“In every job you have, no matter what the industry, there are always going to be those negative people who don’t believe in you, attack you or are jealous of you – especially the mediumship world,” Bayliss suggests. “Usually I just ignore it but I’m human just like the next person so every now and then its hard not to get upset at the comments or untruths, but 99% of the people on my Facebook page are not like that at all; they are just a great group of people!”

Song writing is another way that Bayliss connects with himself and with spirit, and his new album will be ready for release later this year.

“I began writing songs when I was going through a bad break-up,” he recalls “My poems soon became songs and then starting recording when I got to Queensland. One of my dreams came true when I got to record with one of my idols – Tiffany Wood from Bardot. She sang and co-wrote a song with me and that was one of my highlights.

“Another song that I wrote called Swept Away actually went to Number Four on I-tunes charts,” Bayliss enthuses. “I still can’t believe that happened to me. That’s why I always tell people to follow their hearts if they have a passion to sing, act, write a song, dance, paint or do anything creative. I haven’t always led a charmed life, but once I followed my passion and started on this path that things fell into place.”

Bayliss explains the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

“A Psychic clearly gets past, present and future and every now and then may tap into the mediumship side of themselves to sense, feel, hear, taste and/or see the spirit energy that they are reading for. A Medium connects to, or channels, spirit energy; someone who can look past something greater than themselves and fine tune into that thing deep within the universal energy that people cannot see or feel.

“Most people are very much physical – what they see, hear or touch, that is what they know and is their reality,” he adds. “People who are conduits for spirits they can look past all that. Of course, there are natural born Psychics and Mediums but everyone has intuition or gut instincts. There are only a select few who are genuine in their intentions and who they are who can be Psychic Mediums.”

Is there anything you would like to add?

“This is the world that I have chosen to myself, just as anyone can,” Bayliss concludes. “Believe in yourself, surround yourself with good people. When you attend a Conversations With Cameron event you will have fun and laughter and come away feeling that anything is possible. There are loved ones on this earth and on the next plane that love you and care for you and want nothing but good things for you.”

Cameron Bayliss presents Conversations With Cameron at Adelaide Town Hall from 1pm on Sat Jun 28.

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