by Catherine Blanch.

Gazillion Bubble Show is an experience unlike anything you have seen before; a magical bubble blowing and laser light extravaganza that will amaze people of all ages. Created over two decades ago by world renowned bubble scientist and performer Fan Yang, his soap bubble mastery has become an utterly unique art form which has earned him 17 Guinness World Records along with international acclaim in Germany where he was voted ‘Artist of the Year’.

What is now essentially a family affair, Gazillion Bubble Show sees Fan’s children, Deni and Melody following in his footsteps. We speak with internationally renowned Melody Yang, who took up the art at the tender age of three, and begin by asking how the show began.

“Both of my parents were performers, doing juggling and other such acts. It was after seeing some bubble performances, my father discovered a liquid formula that was good enough to be able make bubbles large enough to put people and even cars inside, and now we hold world records for creating these kinds of bubbles. Once my brother and I were born, we started doing the shows too, working in theatres around Europe and now around the world.”

Do you and your brother perform together?

“We do, but we’ve been performing separately a lot more lately,” Melody says. “We do shows all around the world so we can cater to as many audiences as possible. However, we are currently performing together here in Dubai.”

How interactive is the show with audiences?

“It’s very interactive because we do have audience members come on stage, but the interactions mainly come from the bubbles and the special effects,” she says. “At the end of the show we cover the entire audience with bubbles so everyone will be surrounded. There is also another section where people get to play with some bubbles, so everyone gets to be a part of it; it’s not just one person on stage; the show is very immersive.”

Gazillion Bubble Show - Melody Yang - Ad.Fest.Cent - The Clothesline

It’s mind-blowing to see the size of the bubbles that you make, as well as the way you create bubbles within bubbles. It must be as entertaining for the adults as it is for the children.

“It’s honestly a show for everybody – not just for children. We get a lot of feedback from parents and from seniors because bubbles bring out the child in everybody, regardless of age, gender or race. It’s something that very unique but still universal.”

Tell us about the show that’s you’re bringing to Australia.

“It’s an interactive show based on soap bubbles, lights, water-based fog and laser special effects. I show the audience different ways I can manipulate the bubbles,” Melody says. “There are so many tricks that can be done with just a simple soap bubble. The show has all the feelings that you can imagine; it’s joyful, it’s happy, it’s touching and in the end there is a blast of bubbles with a really awesome laser show. We do everything you can imagine with bubbles, so you can expect to be surprised and wowed throughout.”

How much of Gazillion Bubble Show is based on what your father originally created, or have you and your brother have some create say in each performance.

“My father created the formula and the tricks, but the show has the input from our entire family. We all created our own parts in the show, and then we put it all together to form the shows we tour.”

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Do you have a favourite part of the performance?

“I have a few actually,” she says. “For me it’s difficult to pinpoint because every show has its own feeling and uniqueness to it. Probably toward the end is when I get the most reaction and surprise out of the audience. Throughout the entire show, the audience is wowed, but toward the end the bubble laser effect is really cool. Once the lasers hit the bubble film, it causes the bubbles to make a sparkling effects; it’s beautiful and probably one of my most favourite parts.”

Are people able to buy bubble kits after the show?

“Yes, they can,” Melody concludes. “We have our own line of toys and merchandise that people can take bubbles home with them and play with like we do. That way they get to have as much fun with bubbles as we do.”

Melody Yang performs Gazillion Bubble Show at Festival Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre, from 1pm & 7pm on Thu 14 Jul until Sun 17 Jul.

Book at BASS on 131 246 and Click HERE to purchase your tickets.

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