by Bobby Goudie.

Melbourne comedian Geraldine Hickey is coming to Adelaide Feast Festival for her fourth time and she predicts this year will be the best year ever. Originally a runner-up in Raw Comedy 2001, she has since performed locally and toured internationally with her stand-up comedy, including performing in a haunted pub in Edinburgh with ghosts in the toilet.

The Clothesline speaks with Hickey via email about her Feast Festival show Listen Out For The Castanets. Performed for the first time at the 2014 Melbourne Fringe Festival, we begin by asking her how she found this trial run in her hometown?

“It was fun and highly productive to see what jokes worked and didn’t work,” she begins. “I used the Melbourne Fringe to determine if I’d still enjoy performing the show after I’ve done it fifty times. Given how much fun I had at the Fringe the answer will most likely be yes!”

What can audiences expect from Listen Out For The Castanets?

“Top notch dancing, quality jokes and a craving for a Bubble O’ Bill,” she explains. “As well as Adelaide Feast Festival I’ll also be doing the show at the Perth Fringe, Brisbane Comedy Festival and Melbourne International Comedy Festival.”

How did you get started in stand-up comedy?

“I’m in a long line of women chosen by fate to battle evil forces,” Hickey jokes. “I receive guidance from my watcher Giles. He’s a member of the Watchers Council and his job is to train and assist me. My mates Willow and Xander help me as well.”

How would you describe your comedy?

“I tell stories… really funny stories… stories that have jokes in them and make you laugh… heaps!”

Like many queer Australian comedians, Geraldine Hickey just keeps coming back to perform at Feast.

“I’m a big fan of Adelaide comedy and the Feast Festival is one of the best in the world. I try to make it over each year and be a part of it in some way.”

What are you looking forward to seeing at Feast this year?

MEGADRAG! I’ve been watching a lot of RuPaul’s Drag Race of late so I’ll be watching to see what Queens need to ‘Sashay Away’.”

What’s next for Geraldine Hickey?

“I’ve got a load of washing I need to hang out then I’ll probably build some Lego.”

Geraldine Hickey performs Listen Out For The Castanets at Queer Nexus, Lions Arts Centre, at various times on Wed Nov 26 until Thu Nov 27.

Book at Feastix on 8346 0684 or

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