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Do you know what a gerund is? Did you know that there are many different forms of pronouns: personal, demonstrative, possessive, reflexive, intensive, interrogative? What is a participle? A conjunction? A prepositional phrase?

Grammar and punctuation are confusing minefields for most of us – even word nerds like me. Many of us were simply never taught the rules. We figured it out for the most part, but if push came to shove, could you explain what a malapropism is? And could you tell me why Word doesn’t like the grammar of that last sentence? (And why Word is wrong?)

Improve Your Punctuation and Grammar Book CoverImprove Your Punctuation And Grammar is a simple reference guide covering all key aspects of grammar and punctuation using simple, clear examples. With chapters on grammatical guidelines, sentence construction, varying sentences, colouring your writing, making sense of punctuation, dialogue, improving style, avoiding common mistakes, revision techniques and making use of the dictionary and thesaurus, all fundamental aspects of the English language are covered. But it’s not just about getting the basics right – it’s also about improving the elegance and panache of your writing. And with an entire chapter on apostrophes…well, let’s face it: we are in dire need of Apostrophe Correction Police, aren’t we? That chapter should be mandatory reading for anyone who ever picks up a pen or punches at a keyboard. Or writes a menu on a chalkboard.

Each chapter has rules clearly identified in text blocks, current trends are adhered to (for example, no full stops after contractions such as Dr, Ms, Rd) and each chapter ends with a helpful revision checklist and practice exercise.

Accessible for high school students, but also appropriate to higher learners and plain old word nerds like me, Improve Your Punctuation And Grammar is an invaluable resource that will very quickly become dog-eared and spine-cracked.

Lynette Washington

Improve Your Punctuation And Grammar is available through Murdoch Books. Click here to purchase your copy.


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