Julie Goodwin (Hachette Australia), 256pp, RRP $45.00

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Julie Goodwin’s 20/20 Meals

If you want to make something during the week that’s quick, easy and hearty then worry no more.

Solid, decent, homely, there’s nothing flashy, fancy or faddish about this book. Rather, it’s a solid and simple way to feed your family or friends something substantial in quick time, and even better – recipes are made from store cupboard staples: this is strictly a kale- and quinoa-free zone.

The book’s packed with useful hints for example, to fill up the sink while cooking and put the dishes in to save washing-up time, and also to put on the rice or pasta first. This way, when Goodwin says 20 minutes that’s exactly what she means, no messing.

Each recipe comes with an equipment list and there’s also a list at the back of in-season ingredients.

It’s simply the way food should be – and made easy.

Jenny Thompson

This title is available from the Hachette Australia website. Click HERE to purchase your copy.

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