“by Lindt” (Quarto Group UK) 2015, 54pp, RRP $16.99 

Lindt Chocolate Bar - Allen and Unwin - The Clothesline

Seemingly designed and penned by Lindt types, this attractive, Lindt-block-shaped cookbook has much to tempt the chocolate obsessive, provided they can be bothered to prepare and/or cook an actual dish and don’t just want to sit down and chow down on plain old chocolate as is.

From ‘Soft-Centred Chocolate Cake’ to ‘Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate Drink’, there’s plenty here to enjoy, and particular highlights include: ‘Pizza With Salted Butter And Chocolate Caramel’ (mmm, gooey!); ‘Chocolate-Praline Brownies’ (which combine the softness of the brownie and the crunchiness of the praline, apparently); ‘Chocolate Charlotte’ (a sort of tiramisu-like delight); the always-hard-to-get-right Profiteroles; and ‘Chocolate-Vanilla Bavarois’, which winds up looking a little Sara-Lee-like, but surely tastes considerably better.

What more can be said? And how deliciously damn chocolatey can you get?

Dave Bradley

This title is available through the Allen & Unwin website. Click HERE to purchase your copy.

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