by Catherine Blanch.

Internationally acclaimed medium and clairvoyant, Lisa Williams, tours the world sharing her insights as a psychic medium and her abilities to speak with loved ones who have passed on to the ‘other side’. Now, after three years since her last visit, TV personality and author Williams is returning to Australia to share an evening of connection and messages from beyond.

In 2013, the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development was launch, and she has recently launched her online video confidence building series called The Confident Soul and has also released her own Intuitive Soul Oracle Cards.

We speak over the phone with Williams and ask whether she has brought her psychic development school to Australia before.

Yes I have; I take it all over the world,” she begins. “I do a lot of teaching in Australia and New Zealand… everywhere. What I have also done is trained teachers to teach which will be under my school and I’ve got about six or eight in Australia now.”

So what you do with your tour is very similar to what Brisbane Medium Cameron Bayliss does with his Conversations With Cameron tours in sharing messages from spirit?

“Yes, they are very similar. Cameron is lovely and shares the same gift to speak with loved ones.”

Has there ever been a part of you that doesn’t want to deal with dead people and have someone constantly interrupt your thoughts?

“I don’t think I have ever had that, because I don’t feel like they do interrupt me” Williams says. “I tend to control that because otherwise I would be inundated and it would drive me insane. For example, I am single and dating and I have recently met a couple of guys who have both lost partners. So while sitting there at dinner I make sure I switch it off because the last thing you want to do is communicate with their dead partners. So being able to turn it off doesn’t allow it to interfere in my daily life.”

When you are on stage, how do you control the huge number of people that want to ‘come through’ and keep them in line?

“Everyone has spirit guides; we all have multiple guides. As a medium, I have one that acts like a gatekeeper who helps control who comes in. I kind of image them like a bouncer sitting at a door going ‘You can come in, but not you just yet!’ You’ll often find in my shows that one reading naturally leads into the next whether it is a link with a name or a job. I don’t usually feel bombarded but maybe there is an unwritten rule that you don’t interrupt anyone else’s reading.”

I’ve read your book Survival Of The Soul, which was, in part, written during channelled writing with one of your guides. Do you ever read over that writing and get amazed by the words?

“All the time,” Williams says. “I channel every day and there is automatic writing. There are many times where I thought that is thought provoking or has it has been quite eye opening. I remember one of my first channelling moments where I came out of a trance, needing to have a human moment to go to the toilet [laughs] and what was interesting is that I took my computer to the bathroom with me and as I read what I had written and I was pleasantly shocked and surprised by what had been written.

“So I created that book around the spirit channelling. I had notes scattered all around my room and when the urge took me I wrote about a particular topic and compiled the book that way. It was really powerful. It wasn’t just start at chapter 1 and go from there it was compiled from notes I’d written at different time.”

How do you put your mind aside, let go of control and let the words from your guides flow through you?

“We get used to controlling our whole lives – what we will wear, what we will eat, where we will be at a certain time,” Williams says. “That it is our Active Conscious Mind continually at work. What we have to do, as hard as it is to allow that sometimes, is to stop and surrender our conscious mind. What I say to me students is ‘Fuck it!’ Because when we get pieces of information, it’s not ours to judge, it’s not ours decide what it is or the context it goes in – we just have to surrender to it. People who do this are rarely wrong; if you are receiving a piece of information and it is coming to you for a reason. But it is how we deliver it and what the context of it means.

“For example, I may be seeing a pill bottle, so we may automatically think that the person coming through committed suicide by drug overdose,” she suggests. “But they didn’t! It may be the fact that they had anti-depressants but they didn’t take it. So, it’s actually about how we interpret the message and if we don’t understand it, then we ask for more information. So instead of an assumption on it, ask what the details may be. It’s about taking and developing a thought further and further and further and that is the secret!”

People such as yourself and Cameron Bayliss have been doing this since you were children. Many people have that ‘knocked out of them’ at a young age; dismissed as silly talk, for example. In teaching your students, how do you bring their ability out in them?

“Reality is that it’s whether or not they want to do it. If they come to me, they already have an interest. I ask them what it was that they did as a kid. They played ‘make believe’. So I go back to being a childlike and get them make up stories and become a child, because when we get in our right brain our right brain needs activating our creative mind – our intuitive mind that allows everything to flow. So the more creative we are and we allow our brain to expand. The more left brain that we are – the shopping list, our to-do list, our conscious mind etc. – our right brain doesn’t work or take over.

“So with my students I ask them to choose a particular person one the other students want to connect with. Then I tell them to make up a story of what they think that person would be like. Just make it up! I bet you that the story is 90% accurate, because they aren’t really making up the story but are allowing the brain to run free and what they are doing is activating the right side of the brain which, in turn, is the way we connect to spirit. They are always surprised by how right they are. This works crazy great for absolute beginners.”

For anyone who hasn’t been to your show, tell us what happens on stage.

“I basically go on stage and communicate with spirit,” Williams says. “I jump around the audience connecting with loved ones; I try to get to as many people as possible, but I always say that there are often messages in someone else’s reading for others to get what they need. A lot of what I do is rapid fire messages, but I also like to have a laugh because I’m having fun up there. It is healing for a lot of people and I will make a lot of connections.

Whether you are sceptical or open-minded, come along and see what it is all about. You never know what spirit is going to tell you.”

You’re like a Spiritual Tourist!

“Yes,” Williams laughs. “I am very grateful for the blessed life I have with my gifts. Australia is my second home now.”

Lisa Williams performs at Norwood Concert Hall from 8pm on Tue 15 Mar [2 hours with a 20 minute interval].

Book at BASS on 131 246 and Click HERE to purchase your tickets.

Tickets are also available at the door on the night.

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