by Adrian Miller.

Irish troubadour Luka Bloom returns to the Australian shores to perform his own blend of folk-rock music to Fringe audiences at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel as part of Adelaide Fringe 2016. With him he brings his eighteenth album, Frugalisto, and his swag or original songs and electro-acoustic style guitar playing.

We speak with Luka via email, and suggest that it has taken him a while to Australia following his previous visit. In fact, there is a song on his new album actually called Australia in which he states ‘Three years is a long, long time/To miss someone you love’.  We ask what took so long.

“I was going to come last year, but it didn’t work out. And I’m glad because this year I have this fab new record, Frugalisto.”

When you were here last you had just shifted your home to County Clare. How has that been? Do any of the songs on this album reflect your new place of residence? Jiggy Jig Jig perhaps?

Jiggy Jig Jig, Give It A Go and Frugalisto all reflect the rich tapestry of life I witness daily in the People’s Republic Of North Clare.”

In the title song Frugalisto  you state ‘No manifesto’. But it sounds like you have decided on a new and more frugal way to exist.  Is Frugalisto a made up word?

“Kind of, I wanted to create a word to express my support for a more frugal fun way of living I am experiencing in Clare.”

Luka tells us that the photography on the CD cover is a stunning series of photos of vegetables donated by a Community Garden in County Clare, and is the perfect example of his new frugal lifestyle?

We then suggest that songs such as Warrior and No Fear Here seem to reflect ideas about how he thinks life should be lived now. But in other songs he rewinds the clock, either personally (Oh Sahara and Give It A Go) or historically. The songs Isabelle and Lowlands Brothers reference the World Wars.   Is this an unusual topic for Luka Bloom?

Isabelle and Lowlands Brothers were two songs I wrote last year to commemorate the beginning of WWI in Flanders.”

What can people expect to hear if they come to your gig at The Gov?


Luka Bloom – The Frugalisto Tour performs at Governor Hindmarsh Hotel from 8pm on Thu 10 Mar.

Book at FringeTIX on 1300 621 255 or Click HERE to purchase your tickets.

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