Tim Miller & Matt Stanton (ABC Books) 2014, RRP $24.99

I remember as a young kid in school, we would all go around singing Jingle Bells, something smells… Well, apparently something really smells and it’s hiding under the Christmas tree, stinking up the place as is lets off silent and very deadly ‘Christmas crackers’! Could it really be that little green monster with big bright eyes and wide smile? Would you stand behind him as he put up decorations? Could you be game enough to lift him up to put the star on top of the tree? There Is A Monster Under My Christmas Tree - Miller+Stanton - ABC Books - The Clothesline

Most kids, if not all kids, love a good fart story. The mere mention of the word is enough to send them into hysterical fits of laughter – even if it’s at the look of disgust on their mother’s faces. Bottom burps, pop offs, gas clouds of Christmas cheer; they’re all going to bring out the giggles in little readers.

Illustrator Matt Stanton and the author of There Is A Monster Under My Bed Who Farts and The Pirate Who Had To Pee, Tim Miller,  have picked another gross but winning formula of cheeky words and big bright silly-looking illustrations to amuse the minds of kids aged two-to-seven… and most likely the parents who also can’t help but chuckle at this naughty humour that children find so amusing. The Fart Monster is at it again, but maybe this time he has a big round jolly accomplice! Ho! Ho! Peeewww!

Catherine Blanch

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