Guy Browning (Atlantic) 2014, 224pp, RRP $24.99

Browning, a prolific writer, film director and ‘dad dancer’, is also the Creative Director of the ‘innovation agency’ Smokehouse (uh-oh), and this pseudo-humourous would-be-self-help book is about as funny as he sounds. How To Be Normal - Guy Browning - Atlantic Books - Allen and Unwin - The Clothesline

Offering dull drollness in chapters devoted to aspects of contemporary life, the human condition and so forth, including Rubbing Along, Nice Moves, Loving Feelings and Functional Bodies, we learn (or maybe not) all about: ‘How To Be Vague’ (as if certain people out there needed extra assistance); ‘How To Have A Nice Day’ (duh); ‘How To Clap’ (um, don’t you sort of smack your hands together?); ‘How To Deal With A Fly’ (which addresses all of the moral and ethical questions behind squashing the damn thing); ‘How To Be Self-Deprecating’ (but far be it from me to make fun of that); and plenty more.

Indeed, 224 pages of the stuff, so normal people are advised to steer well clear.

Dave Bradley

This title is available through Allen & Unwin. Click here to purchase your copy.

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