by Siân Williams.

Rod Davies is a man on a mission. After most recently enjoying singing and performing with Australia’s Dancing With The Stars, he has decided perhaps that it is time to step forward a little more onstage, and show us just what he is made of. With a voice that when heard solo is instantly recognisable, Davies has had an impressive career with his finger in many pies; indeed even whilst speaking he is proud to share his versatility with us in his roles as singer, songwriter, vocal coach, business man, educator and general all rounder.

One of his career highlights is the fact that he has shared the stage as a focal performer in the band behind John Farnham. Reviewing material online, even just hearing the name of Farnham certainly brings one back into a shortly earlier time, and it is a marvel at how easily we forget the astonishing talent of such a man.

“Definitely among everything I have done it has been a thrill to work with Farnham,” Davies enthuses. “He’s such a gentleman, such an unbelievable performer. I have learnt so much from him and had some amazing experiences in his entourage.”

Davies is father to a little girl, and laughs when we ask whether parenthood has heightened his sense of articulation and clarity in storytelling.

“The songs didn’t exactly flow thicker and faster,” he laughs. “There is a fair bit of sleep deprivation going on!”

He has, however, got a couple of his own albums under his belt which have mostly original songs of which he is proud. Being a multi instrumentalist Davies is in high demand for session work, which he says he finds tiring, but very fulfilling.

“I like the permanent stamp I can put on a product by being invited to contribute,” he enthuses. “It is an honour to be asked to assist with a component of another artists recording, and being a multi instrumentalist I can be very useful to some people!”

Davies has been to the Adelaide Cabaret Festival before; like so many artists involved he is enthusiastic and keen to see other performances and is encouraging of the huge array of talent around him.

“I really want people to know about the guitarist I have working with me; Stuart Fraser (Noiseworks, John Farnham) is such a beautiful instrumentalist, he has a real grasp of his instrument and is an absolute joy to play and travel with. I hope people will take just as much notice of him as me when they come see our show!”

Davies bring to the Adelaide Cabaret Festival a diverse show with a swag of songs from the ‘70s and later. He has selected some favourites, as well as those that have specific meanings to him. After the comment that he sounded vaguely like Iva Davies in regard to his clear and pronounced vocabulary and the beautiful way he connects to the audience, Davies shared that there would not in fact, be any Icehouse played during his gig.

“However, people are more than welcome to bring parents, children, and friends alike, because this show predominantly features some gems from the ‘70s and thereabouts and genuinely has something on offer for everyone.”

Davies’ show promises to be entertaining, full of interesting and chatty banter with a beautiful voice and a highly skilled guitarist to boot.

Rod Davies performs Rocket Man at Artspace at various times from Thu Jun 19 until Sat Jun 21.

Book at BASS on 131 246 and or

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