Angus FitzSimons (Hachette Australia) 2020, 224pp, RRP $29.99

FitzSimons’ volume is darkly amusing whether you’re a senior or perhaps well on the way, and yet in large doses it does get rather depressing.

Nevertheless, there are some nice gags, right from the introductory admission of the author’s not-so-secret affair with Charlotte Rampling. After that the many and various seniors’ concerns are collected in a lengthy series of brisk chapters, including: ‘Senior Moments At Christmas’ (like what not to say to short-term boyfriends of younger relatives); ‘Senior Moments In Medicine’ (such as how not take your medication); ‘Senior Moments At Funerals’ (although forgetting the name of the deceased isn’t exactly a new thing); ‘Senior Moments In Grandparenting’ (damn kids!!!); and ‘Senior Moments In The Royal Family’ (even though they have plenty of senior moments themselves). And, finally, there’s a ‘Backwords’ by ‘Gillies Max’. Of course.

One for your inner senior, this might be a bit of a light, even throwaway read, and yet there’s no doubt that… um… you know… the guy who wrote it… is… um… you know… what’s the word…

Er… funny?

Dave Bradley

This title is available through the Hachette Australia website. Click HERE to purchase your copy.

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