What if someone else wrote a set list of original, outrageous topics and handed them over to some of the world’s best comedians to make a performance out of it with absolutely no time to prepare or even think about it? Would you call it impossible? Or could you call it spontaneous genius? Set List has been seen on ABC2 and The Nerdist Channel on YouTube, and now it’s coming to the Adelaide Fringe.

We sent some questions to the people of Notorious Comedy. This is what they had to say for themselves.

First comedy gig; when and where and how did it go?

Set List was created years ago by Troy Conrad and his buddy Paul Provenza. They didn’t record the first one, but it’s become a worldwide hit both live and as a TV show.”

What drew you into performing comedy?

“As producers we don’t actually perform, but we were both drawn into it by the glorious madness experienced by first seeing it.”

Favourite comedian?

“Our favourite comics are the ones who have performed at Set List: Robyn Williams, Zoe Lyons, Greg Proops, Josie Long, Tim Minchin, Wil Anderson, Tiffany Stevenson… It’s a bloody long list to be honest.”

Comedian you would most like to be?

“One of the ones who enjoys their craft and isn’t a dick. There are a lot of options.”

Comedy duo or trio; who would be your partner/s in crime?

“As two producers we are each others partners in crime, but definitely do everything legally/not legally.”

Favourite joke you knew as a kid?

“Knock, knock. Who’s there? [Insert punch line here]”

Most famous person’s number you have in your phone?

“My mum.”

Favourite movie line?

“Something, something, something… release the kraken!”

Best gig, worst gig and why?

“Best gig will happen on Fri Feb 13 at 10.45pm at Rhino Room.”

Favourite imaginary friend as a kid?

“Midori. Wait, she wasn’t imaginary.”

Job you currently perform in your alternative life when not performing comedy?

“Pretending to produce comedy shows. We’re fooling everyone!”

Your porn star name?

“Jazz Torr.”

What is your hidden talent?

“Doing sweet-as answers to sweet-as questionaries. Also, wearing sunglasses.”

Tell us something that people don’t yet know about you.

“We are planning world domination and you will all be enslaved, so sucked in!”

Favourite childhood memory?

“Getting teased for my terrible hair. That’s as good as it got.”

Celebrity meet that left you star-struck?

“Your Mum.”

Pet hate?

“Your Mum.”

Secret crush?

“Your…oh hang on, this is getting stupid.”

Time travel; where would you most love to go and why?

“Rather than time travel, I’d like to have a Groundhog Day scenario where the Adelaide Fringe never stops and we just start again when it ends.”

How do you deal with annoying people who insist you tell them a joke once they discover you are a comedian?

Fortunately we have a lot of ‘knock knock’ jokes and often a sudden need to go to the bar or the bathroom.”

What’s something from your childhood that you still love and have today?

“The mole on my back that isn’t cancerous.”

Best or worst advice you were every given?

“Best advice, don’t fuck it up. Worst advice, don’t fuck it up.”

Best or worst advice you ever gave?

“See above.”

A missed opportunity that you would give anything to go back and try?

“Yet to be confirmed…”

Which comedian would you 1. Song? 2. Marry? 3. Avoid?

“We’d song most comics because you can give them each a different type of song depending on how much you like them. We’d marry anyone who is already married as they have shown the ability for commitment. And avoid any comics who are avoiding us.”

[Damn, a typo! But what a great recovery! – Ed.]

Has anyone literally wet themselves laughing at one of your shows?

“Not yet, but it’s a long Fringe and have no doubt it will happen.”

What’s the best chat-up line you’ve ever heard/used?

“Bend your knees, I’m about to pick you up – Fireman, 2004.”

Favourite or worse heckle you’ve ever had?

“Though difficult to hear it was something like ;kjhsdg;kjner;giu haowbivuwyalnrc…”

If you were a flavour of ice cream, what would you be and why?

“Cheese and mayo, why hasn’t someone done that?”

Any famous last words?

“Not famous just yet, but we have high hopes.”

Notorious Comedy presents Set List at Rhino Room – Upstairs from 10.45pm on Wed Feb 11 until Sat Mar 14 (Wed – Sat).

Book at FringeTIX on 1300 621 255 or adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix. Click HERE to purchase your tickets.

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