Local visual artist and singer-songwriter Sue Baker has followed up her 2010 release Bit Of Earth with an eclectic and sophisticated collection of songs on Lovers’ Moon. Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Jamie Blechynden of Stella One Studio in Tanunda SA, Sue has gone for a full band sound, supplementing her vocals and acoustic guitar with some fabulous work from stellar musicians Jamie Blechynden (guitar, dobro, lap steel), Glenn Wagland (piano and keys), Melissa Glamocak (bass guitar), Beej Barker (drums), Briony Taylor (cello), Ashley Turner (fiddle), Mark Elberg (mandolin, guitar), Bernie Bremond (saxophone), and Cloudy Davey, Prudence Gill and Vicki Blechynden (backing vocals).

The genre is ‘singer songwriter with something to say’, using a range of musical styles rather than being limited to any particular genre. At times calm, reflective and gentle, at other times the band is given plenty of room to groove and rock out. But things never get out of control, and the variety knits together nicely.

After a bit of mood-setting synth meander A Little Bit Me, A Little You drops into a delightful song about a life beginning, with catchy singalong chorus. Similarly Far Too Long continues a relaxed folksy feel, subtle but with enough groove to keep the toes tapping.

A change of mood and pace with the title track Lovers’ Moon a slow, moody ballad. Some divine backing vocals from Cloudy Davey, Prudence Gill, and Vicki Blechynden lift this song to the stratosphere.

All Together (“We’re all in this together”) paints a graphic picture of how tough life can get for rural families during a drought – “For mercy’s sake we’re on our knees”. Although this is a universal theme, there is no doubt that Sue is talking about her local community (“This drought baked land, Australia”). Some tasty dobro and fiddle give this song an authentic feel.

Hello Friend feels like a pretty folk song, until the band once again kicks in and takes it off on a folk-rock canter. Wish I Had Some Blue Suede Shoes gets a little bleak (“Fire’s gone out and this house is cold”). Probably the closest to a blues song on the album (“Cause I’m wearing heartache blue”), but the piano and drums arrangement adds more colours to the blue.

Time To Act is a call to arms to do something about the fact that “Mother Earth is choking and time’s nearly up”. It’s no secret here that man’s greed has been the cause of much of the damage. Eco warrior/worrier Sue Baker wants that to change!

How Long makes delightful use of doo-wop backing vocals from the Whiskey Sisters (Davey, Gill and Blechynden). Some fabulous organ and guitar work bring on the urge to start dancing. Things tone down a bit for Turn Me Around, which gives control back to fiddle and cello, giving the song more of a country feel.

An album highlight is She Is My Eyes, which thematically looks beyond our own planet through feminine eyes, and once again an exquisite backing vocal arrangement comes to the fore. The musical arrangement is also very atmospheric and a perfect match for the celestial theme of the lyrics.  Pouring Out The Words picks up the pace again, and the band, complete with organ solo, are clearly enjoying themselves. Fly Home is a cruisy ballad, signalling that things are ready to wind down to a more contemplative finish. Just as the album begins with the beginning stages of life, so it ends with an appreciative reflection coming from a more mature stage of life. You Have Been My Shelter brings this collection to a fitting conclusion.

This album has clearly been made with a lot of care and attention from all involved, particularly with meticulous studio production. Anyone with an appreciation of the high quality of Australian songwriting and musicianship will find much to explore and enjoy in Lovers’ Moon.

Adrian Miller.

Lovers’ Moon will be released on live streaming services on Fri 4 Feb, 2022.
Copies of this album are available from <suebaker.com.au>. Click HERE to purchase your copy.

Sue Baker

Lovers’ Moon will be launched at 3 separate events:

Wheatsheaf Hotel, Thebarton, on Fri 25 Mar from 7.30pm.
Book at Eventbrite. Click HERE to purchase your tickets.

Stone Pony, Willunga Show Hall, on Sat 2 Apr from 7pm.
Book at Ticketebo. Click HERE to purchase your tickets.

Peter Lehman Wines, Tanunda, on Sat 14 May from 7pm.
Book at Eventbrite. Click HERE to purchase your tickets.


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