by Adrian Miller.

Adelaide singer-songwriter Georgia Horgan is returning to at Adelaide Fringe to perform songs that demonstrate her ability and determination to overcome any adversity that life may throw at her, and to share the joy that can be gained from living life to the full.

Georgia is happy to answer a few questions and talk about her show, starting with the show title:

Your show is called The Georgia Horgan Experience 2.0. Is this because the show is not just performing your songs but also telling something of your life story?

“Yes,” Georgia says. “It’s about growing up living my life not just with a disability but by achieving anything I set my mind to, including making and performing a Fringe show.”

One of the messages from your show is to encourage others to achieve whatever they have their heart set on? How has this been true for you?

“I try to inspire people coming to the show and prove to the outside world that if you have a dream it can be possible with hard work and not letting others tell you what to do.”

Georgia will be performing a mixture of some well-known covers and a number of her own originals.

“I try to blend as much of my own music – as well as some crowd favourites – to get people on their feet,” she says. “Performing my originals makes me feel good; I can express how I feel through the music I make.”

How long have you been writing songs?

“Since I was 14 when I wrote a song called Thank You My Family with my Uncle David. Since then I have written over 20 original songs – collaborating with multiple artists over the years.”

You perform alongside guitarist Stefan Athanasov – who also plays with Adelaide band The Montreals. How did this musical partnership come to be?

“In late 2019, I was looking for someone who could support me to develop my voice and create some more original songs,” Georgia says. “My twin sister, Tori, and her husband founded an organisation called Lift Up Voices. L.U.V is a registered NDIS provider offering programs for people to develop their confidence and skills through the creative arts. Stefan is one of the coaches at Lift Up Voices and I’ve loved working with him. We have worked on a range of projects together including writing and recording original songs, performing, filming a music video and creating my very own podcast!”

People may have seen you busking in Rundle Mall before COVID19 made it impossible for you to continue. What drew you to do something on a bigger scale by putting on a Fringe show?

“I wanted to get myself noticed more for my music and not be known as just a busker,” she says, “and to perform for people with my own music and my own show! I was working alongside a support worker (Ryan Pickering) and we developed a way to put my show on the big stage. This was a group effort involving friends, family, carers and coaches to make the dream possible.”

You have done this show in the Fringe previously. It sounds like last year’s show was a lot of fun?

“It was the first show we have down on a large scale stage performing to bigger crowds. It was great working with Prospect and their staff to put the new show on, and it was so much fun letting people dance, sing and join in the show!”

Have you always had a love of performing?

“I started performing when I was a little girl with my sister and neighbour, putting on concerts for the street and charging everyone 50c. Ever since then I have performed across multiple stages including Carols By Candlelight in 2001 with Bruce Raymond.”

What do you expect people will enjoy most about your show?

“I think my show doesn’t just perform music but also tells a story” Georgia says. “It shows audiences that anyone living with a disability can achieve whatever they put their mind to. Being able to sing, dance and enjoy life is one of my favourite experiences that I can share with others. It is truly something that I can’t explain with words.”

Is there anything else you would like to tell us to entice Fringe goers to see The Georgia Horgan Experience 2.0?

“I would like to encourage Adelaide audiences to show support for all our local artists who are trying their best to get themselves out there and embrace that dream. Come spend an evening with us to dance and sing and share in the joy of music.”

The Georgia Horgan Experience 2.0 performs at Eliza Hall at Payinthi, Prospect Library, at various times, from Sat 19 Feb until Sat 19 Mar.

Book at FringeTIX on 1300 621 255 or adelaidefringe.com.au. Click HERE to purchase your tickets.


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